She is planing to come in the end of december or in jenuary, but its all not certain. We still searching a nice place in Izmir. 
You cant checl it on our main page, we constainly updating the information. Also can ask me ny whatsap any time. I will be happy to help you... 
Outcall is also available but not for all models. You need to ask our operators this condition for a certain model.  
Sorry dear. but we don't provide it. We are working only in Turkey.
Sorry dear, all our models are from Russia, Ukrain and Belarus only. 
We have a great news for you. Veronica is coming in december. You can check our main page to see the date, when it will be known.
You need contact us by whatsap. We will be happy to discuss with you all details.  
Of course we have a reason why we don't work in europe side. Most important is we can't find a non problematic place. I think for you that is also important. Better to be let in a safe place but little far, then have a big problems in a place which is close. But if you can't come to our place anyway, there is always opportunity for outcall photo shoot. Model will come to your place, for us its not problem if you feel more comfortable.